The book

Sustainagility is about the $40 trillion Green Tech Boom and how innovation will provide practical and profitable answers to many of today’s greatest challenges.


We are consuming the world’s resources 20 per cent faster than they can recover, and our planet cannot possibly go on delivering the relentless, destructive, economic growth that every nation currently seeks.


Smart innovators, and agile business teams will do more to solve sustainability problems than regulations, taxes and government incentives.helped by search engines and social networks. So the problem is urgent and the pace of change extraordinary.   Expect many tens of thousands of new market opportunities with breathtaking potential. New income streams will develop at a velocity rarely seen in the last 100 years, as companies race ahead to deliver what our world so urgently needs.


Sustainagility investigates how business innovation and green technology can solve the huge challenges we face. It takes a close look at the future of energy, transport, manufacturing, low carbon cities, forests, water and food. It then explores how green tech businesses will deliver the answers our world needs to survive and thrive – at an affordable cost. You can find out:


  • what the mega-growth markets will be
  • how consumer lifestyles and choices will change
  • how agile and innovative companies will seize market share
  • what it all means for you, your business and the world


Full of shocking statistics and eye-opening facts, Sustainagility has inspiring examples of how innovation has created new profitable businesses and helped the world. Agile companies will solve the greatest threats to humankind and our planet’s ecosystem .



“Every person who worries about how we will be able to afford new, greener technologies should read this book:  much of it will pay for itself.” 

Maud Olofsson, Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden and Minister for Enterprise and Energy


"Vital handbook for life and business in the 21st century."
Philip DesAutels, Director, Microsoft


“Smart recommendations for action both from business and consumer point of view.  Every official dealing with sustainable energy should use this book as a reservoir of ideas in decision making.”  

Valdis Dombrovskis, Prime Minister of Latvia


“Really helpful guide to success”

Brent Hoberman, co-founder of


“Excellent management books should spur you to action.  This one does!” 

Lord Leitch, Chairman of the Employment Panel and former Chairman of the Association of British Insurers


“A “must read’ for anyone keen to understand what the future may hold for them” 

Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice, London Business School


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