Topics and presentation


    • Sourcing big ideas for a better tomorrow
    • What does "Power of the crowd" mean. How can your organisation work with open innovation and crowdsourcing. How can you use this techniques to build sustainable strategies 
    • How generation Y will solve the problem
    • How do the comming generation think and work. It covers future trends and how should your organisation should prepare to future demands. what kind of impact do Internet have on sustainable developement and what is the impact of interactive movements
    • Sustainagillity – the 40 trillion dollar green tech boom
    How innovation will provide practical and profitable answers to many of today’s greatest challenges. How can your company or organisation make business on the Green Tech boom

    Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you

    Investigates how business innovation and technology can solve the huge challenges we face. It  explores how green tech businesses will deliver the answers our world needs to survive and thrive – at an affordable cost.